A Passion for Dance

I wanted to know in what ways do people use social media in order to share a common interest. So I interviewed Nicole Johnson who has a common interest in dance, She answered the following questions for me:

Q: What Social Media channels do you use that relates to your interest?

A: “I use Facebook and Instagram.”

Q: How much time do you spend each week on Social Media Marketing?

A: “About 5 hours in total per week.”

Q: How do you engage visitors to participate and share your content?

A: “I usually post videos of myself dancing and I ask my followers to please share and like.”

Q: How does this social media engagement benefit you?

A:  “Social media is the only way to get a lot of people to see what I can do at once, I was trying to promote a business I wanted to start that related to dance and I got the word out by having a bunch of people share to promote my business for free.”

Q: How does this social media engagement benefit your audience?

A: “It benefits my audience because it is entertaining, even if you can’t dance its beneficial to watch and maybe pick up a few dance moves.”

I found Nicole’s answers to be very interesting. I would love to know more about how others use social media in order to share a common interest! Just leave a comment below answering to some of the same questions I used above and I will look forward to reading what you have to say. 



Start Your Natural Hair Care Journey

Start Your Natural Hair Care Journey

So you decided to ditch the relaxers and go all natural, but need help on how to take care of it and most of all how to style it based on your hair type. Well you’ve come to the right place, I will offer you some hair tips and tricks, the right products to use from combs to shampoos and your hair type so you can start your own hair journey. Check out Curl Centric webpage if you need a better understanding on what natural hair is. I also used some information from their article: Natural Hair 101: The Beginners Guide to Natural Hair care on my blog so check them out. Curl Centric –

To have a successful hair journey you must first throw out everything your thought you knew. All the advice and all the products that promised you good results that you have yet to see. Everyone hair type is different, so what may work well for one person may not do the same for your hair. If you want to have a successful hair journey, then you must follow the three pillars: foundation, products, and styling/maintenance. Regardless of your hair type, you must always drink lots of water, stay stress free, put your hair in a protective style, limit the heat you put on your hair, wash your hair regularly, and live a healthy lifestyle.